Creating a Competitive HBCU Ecosystem

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have made, and continue to make, extraordinary contributions to the general welfare and prosperity of our country.

The Council Exchange Board of Trade Looking Forward Research & Development program office (CEBOT LFRD) is focusing on strengthening HBCUs through enhanced  institutional planning,  development and infrastructure enhancements through public/private partnerships that include the use of technology.

Industry Based Research Decisions

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Procurement policy research relating to government contracting and equity.

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HBCU Research Cohort

The research conducted at the SMART HBCU Research Cohort is particularly focused on the provision of subsidized broadband access and equipment to qualified low-income/in need students and communities like a utility.  

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The SMARTSEC platform connects learners and Job seekers to careers, employers to human capital resources, sectoral partners to opportunity and the gig and disabled community to an enterprise solution based service provider.  

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Building a Nation of Producers

America's economy converges and grows when industry, government and community partners work together and agree to joint profitable and sustainable economic outcomes.

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CEBOT Fellow Virtual Internship Program

Leading private sector innovation applied to government performance and evidence based policy development. Student and Apprentice CEBOT Fellowships are independently developed and administrated.

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Economic Growth Through Knowledge Transfer

  • Understand Global Resilience,
    Threat Information Research and Policies

  • Build Critical Analytic Skills and Strategies

  • Understand Dynamics of Public Private Partnerships

  • Evaluate Economic Development Policy Impact and Measurement

  • Gain Career Insight and Workforce Readiness Requirements for Success

Research Assignment Process

Council Exchange Board of TradeLooking Forward Research & Development

Community Economic Ecosystem Development

Technology has become more than a tool to perform a duty.  It is now a way to connect with each other, share ideas and friendships, and vision the future.

Enabling innovation in a social networking framework requires governance and trust.  CEBOT's Looking Forward Research & Development Design Based Research explores how data and process allow for scalable growth.

Innovation in Motion is part of an industry focused, design based, applied research framework that studies how best systems connect and improve in public good ecosystems.
  Workforce systems are best envisioned with stakeholders including employers.  Industry allows for multiple businesses and community partners, all sharing in the outcomes.

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